This evening story clothed in blues inspires stillness and contemplation.
Predominantly blue floral painting shown above a blue velvet sofa.
Predominantly blue floral painting shown  in a bedroom setting above e a charcoal grey headboard and linens.

36x48x2 The Depth of Your Love

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"The Depth of Your Love" is a captivating piece that invites viewers to experience a serene and contemplative moment. This twilight-inspired artwork, designed to serve as an above-the-sofa centrepiece, has the versatility to enhance any space where beauty and subtlety are desired.

Primarily painted in hues of blue, the composition features large, round allium-like flowers that stand gracefully in the foreground. The background is a rich, deep blue, depicting rolling hills and a sky inspired by the dynamic swirls of Van Gogh. This dramatic backdrop sets the stage for the flora, creating an engaging contrast that is both striking and harmonious.

The brushstrokes are textural and expressive, adding a lively and energetic feel to the painting. The heavily textured surface creates depth and invites viewers to experience the painting not just visually, but almost tactilely, making it a unique and inviting piece.

"The Depth of Your Love" perfectly captures the serene beauty of a twilight garden and is sure to bring a calming and elegant presence to any room.

Frame: Includes Custom White Floating Frame.

Taxes: No tax!

Inspirations: Inspired by gardens at twilight.

Gifting: Let me know that you are gifting this original painting and I will wrap it and include a personal note.

Hanging: Comes with bumper pads to protect your walls. You do not need to use the premounted wires if you want it to lie flat against the wall. The option is yours!

Medium: Fluid acrylics along with mixed media on wood panel.

Commission: I'm always happy to work with you to add to a grouping or create a custom size painting that reflects your individual aesthetic. Reach out and let me know your thoughts!