Umbrella Arts Magazine showcased my artwork VOICES 61.5 x 37.5 and on the next page my palet'able art SPLASH II.

Here's a link to a story by QNet News about the Spring Sentiments: A Reflection of Art in Isolation 2021 online exhibition that was showing at the John M Parrott Gallery in Belleville. 

My painting SHELTERED BY LOVE was part of this exhibition.


Here's my Artist Statement for this piece:

I create abstract floral paintings that explore the themes of hope, joy, and resiliency in times of uncertainty. After the shock of the pandemic wore off, there were tears for those most affected. Then came a quietness and introspection as I struggled to make sense of what was happening. Finally hope was born and then joy as I lifted my head to heaven. 

All my paintings are inspired by life events, my personal reflections, and the natural world outside my rural studio window. "Sheltered by Love” encapsulates my range of emotions and postures and the joy and resiliency from the encouragement of others and many hours spent in my studio.