Caring for Acrylic Paintings

  • Dusting: Using a clean cloth or feather duster, dust the surface and tops of paintings gently a couple of times a year to prevent buildup.
  • Spills: Wipe immediately with a clean cloth and this will usually remove a liquid.
  • Sunlight: Limit exposure to sunlight to maintain vibrancy and prevent yellowing over the years.
  • Heat and Cold: Limit exposure to heat and cold to prevent cracking and warping. Your painting can be hung over a fireplace that is not the main heat source or kept on for extended periods of time. A mantle also blocks direct heat.
  • Handling: Use gloves for handling framed paintings, especially those with black frames. This prevents oils from your hands transferring to the frame and leaving a mark.
  • Painted Frames: If a frame gets nicked during a move, apply a little wood filler and cover with paint. For White Frames we use Farrow & Ball, Wimborne White, eggshell. For Black Frames we use Home Hardware's clear base, eggshell, with Black.