My Story

Artist Statement
"Drawing heavily on my connection with rural Ontario, I explore the themes of courage, joy, and resiliency in the midst of uncertainty using the motifs of nature.
 In this unprecedented time of uncertainty, we all face new challenges that test our patience, dreams, and faith. For those who look for it, there is always a silver lining. My silver lining has been more time to work in the studio with fewer pressures and greater opportunity for more thoughtfulness."

Michelle's Story
Michelle Hutchinson is inspired by views of the lakes, rivers, open skies, trees, and fields that surround her studio. Layered with fluidity and rich colour, Michelle's works tell stories of the mystery, resiliency, and joyfulness found in nature, reflective of her own spiritual journey.

Michelle is a self-taught artist who came by her love for art from her mother, Rene O’Connor - an award-winning artist and painting teacher - and her sister, Danielle O'Connor Akiyama - winner of the Florence Biennale President's Choice award representing Canada in 2009.

Michelle’s personal journey as an artist began thirty years ago in her mother’s kitchen in Toronto. “I recall wanting to give my mother-in-law a gift from my heart. So, out came my mother’s watercolour paints and brushes, and a new love was born!” Michelle’s interest in art flourished under her mother’s guidance.

Michelle’s love for art was only eclipsed by her passion for entrepreneurship. She pursued initiatives in marketing communications, learning, technical writing, and process improvement. Building a new house in mid-town Toronto proved to be the perfect opportunity to add a dedicated studio. “Every day before heading to the office, I would paint for a couple of hours in my studio. It invigorated my soul for the day and gave me purpose!” However, the paints were set aside for a few years when Michelle pursued graduate and post graduate studies.

After retiring to rural southeastern Ontario, Michelle picked up her brushes again. And, most days Michelle can be found in her studio experimenting with new mark-making tools, funky textures, and expressive colours.