12x12x2 Through Thick or Thin

12x12x2 Through Thick or Thin

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Description: This vibrant abstract floral painting is characterized by a large flower in the centre rendered in rich shades of pink and purple, with accents of bright yellow and white at its core. Surrounding this central bloom are various other abstract flower shapes in hues of lavender, yellow, and red, all set against a dynamic, multicolored background composed of blues, greens, and purples.

The brushstrokes are expressive and loose, adding a sense of movement and energy to the composition. Overall, the painting is a lively and exuberant celebration of color and form.

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Inspirations: Inspired by my love of Spring's abundant colour.

Gifting: Let me know that you are gifting this original painting and I will wrap it and include a personal note.

Medium: I used fluid acrylics on wood panel.

Note: This piece comes with a black floating frame custom made for the panel.