Bold abstract landscape depicts trees in the foreground with rocks and waterfall in the background. Painted in soft teals, yellows, and greys. Uses fluid acrylic pouring technique on wood panel. Includes custom white frame, bumper pads, and pre-mounted wires. Free shipping in N.A. No tax!
dreamy glues, yellows, and burnt oranges  waterfall displayed against a pale blue wall
Waterfall shown against a concrete wall with a grey lounger with a burnt orange pillow

The Call (40" x 30" x 1.5")

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"The Call" is a captivating abstract painting that invites viewers into a vibrant, ethereal world inspired by a woodland walk in the Spring. This piece stands out with its intricate blend of colours and textures, dominated by cool blues and turquoise tones. Through vertical strokes and splashes, the painting evokes the image of a forest, with trees represented by dark, slender lines. The background gracefully transitions from light yellow and grey on the left to deep blues and greens towards the center and right, creating a dynamic visual journey across the canvas.

The artwork's varied brushwork intensifies its sense of movement and energy, giving the scene a dreamlike quality as if one is peering into a living, breathing forest. One striking element in the process of creating this piece is the heavy texturing, which adds depth and a tactile dimension to the work. This layering of textures and colors creates a rich, immersive experience, encouraging the viewer to explore the depth and details of the landscape. "The Call" is a unique blend of abstraction and natural inspiration, capturing the serene yet lively essence of a springtime forest environment.

Frame: Includes Custom White Floating Frame.

Taxes: No tax!

Inspirations: Inspired by a woodland walk in the Spring.

Gifting: Let me know that you are gifting this original painting and I will wrap it and include a personal note.

Hanging: Comes with bumper pads to protect your walls. You do not need to use the premounted wires if you want it to lie flat against the wall. The option is yours!

Medium: Uses fluid acrylic pouring technique on wood panel. 

Commission: I'm always happy to work with you to add to a grouping or create a custom size painting that reflects your individual aesthetic. Reach out and let me know your thoughts!