40x40x2 Rising Above
Beautiful large red poppy shown on a beige and gold wall above a red sofa. Gorgeous!
Rising Above shown on a grey wal above a charcoal grey bedframe

40x40x2 Rising Above

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"Rising Above" is a vibrant abstract floral painting that captures the essence of a blooming garden in a mesmerizing explosion of colours. The composition is primarily dominated by reds, purples, and greens, with a large red, poppy-like blossom featuring black accents as the central focus. Surrounding this focal point are various other flowers and stems, all portrayed with expressive, bold brushstrokes and drips that create a dynamic, almost chaotic and wind-like effect. 

The background is a harmonious mix of soft pastels and bright, intense hues, adding both depth and contrast to the overall piece. This intricate layering imbues the painting with a sense of exuberance and energy, truly reflecting the liveliness of nature through an abstract lens. The viewer is invited to lose themselves in the vivid landscape, experiencing the spontaneous beauty of a garden swayed by the wind.

Frame: Includes Custom White Floating Frame.

Taxes: No tax!

Inspirations: The call of subtle colour and the beauty of seeing fields of flowers blowing in the wind!

All my paintings are inspired by life events, my personal reflections, and the natural world outside my rural studio window.

Gifting: Let me know that you are gifting this original painting and I will wrap it and include a personal note.

Hanging: Comes with bumper pads to protect your walls. You do not need to use the premounted wires if you want it to lie flat against the wall. The option is yours!

Medium: I use fluid acrylics along with mixed media on wood panel.

Commission: I'm always happy to work with you to add to a grouping or create a custom size painting that reflects your individual aesthetic. Reach out and let me know your thoughts!