30x40x2 Songs That Fill The Heart

30x40x2 Songs That Fill The Heart

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Description: This artwork depicts a vibrant and colorful abstract representation of a field of flowers. Bold, sweeping strokes of various shades of blue and green create the lush background, suggesting tall grasses and foliage. Scattered throughout the piece are vivid red poppies with prominent dark centres, adding striking focal points to the composition. 

Smaller yellow circular shapes interspersed among the red flowers contribute to the overall lively and dynamic feel of the painting. The energetic brushwork and rich palette evoke a sense of wild beauty and the untamed nature of a flourishing meadow.

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Inspirations: Inspired by local gardeners who plant poppies. I must add to next year's garden!

Gifting: Let me know that you are gifting this original painting and I will wrap it and include a personal note.

Medium: I used fluid acrylics on wood panel.

Note: This piece comes with a black floating frame custom made for the panel.