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What makes “original” art exciting?

The short answer is that there’s only one! No mass reproductions. When you buy original art you’re getting the only version on the planet and no one else will have that piece hanging in their space. And you get to see the exact colours that the artist intended the viewer to see without them being filtered through printing technology.

Original art proudly proclaims that it’s created by a real person replete with drops and drips and brush marks and maybe even some boo boos (what Bob Ross called "happy accidents"). It’s the quirkiness that appeals to us and our eyes appreciate the imperfections that captivate our attention.

Now, if you're like me then you're probably thinking of that last print you purchased. After all, how could you possibly afford to buy a Monet? Well, I agree, sometimes the original is not within our reach and we're happy to have a print.

But, there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing that you’ll never walk into someone’s home and see “your” painting hanging on their wall. Even when a painting is part of a series, each original is still unique.

Also buying from artists we've met builds a personal connection and adds to the storytelling of a piece. In some cases, art gets handed down to successive generations and becomes part of the family's story.

Buying an original is the joy of finding artwork that resonates within us. Whether it’s smooth and flat, or full of textures and multiple layers, a matte or high gloss finish, framed or showing its edges, our souls say “yes this is the piece for me!”

Original art hanging in your personal space, gives you a lift every time you walk in the room, affirming that you are home! Such joy!

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